Embodyssey is the lifepath methodology of Keith M. Cowley. His teachings combine the embodiment of environmental connection experiences and mind/body training of the Personal Circle system.

After 15 years of self-exploration into movement modalities and martial arts, including multiple forms of meditation, qigong, tai chi, bagua, yoga, reiki, energywork and somatics, Cowley differed to lessons derived through submissive experiences in Nature. With a personal philosophy of "Body as Teacher, Nature as Preacher", over five years he spent obsessive hours revisiting the structural integrity of primal movement and mechanics. Seeking a modality that was inherently non-martial from its inception, he developed Personal Circle Method, which refined subtleties in postural alignment functionality for daily adaptation in and out of Nature. Autodidactic submission of Self yielded the philosophy that outlines his personal practice of Moving Meditation in Nature that he teaches today known as Embodyssey. 

The Embodyssey symbol, designed by Cowley, features a variation on the ouroboros (originating from the Greek (oura/uro) "tail" and (boros) "eating", the serpent that "bites it's own tail"), an ancient symbol that implies infinite transition, transformation and cyclical natural processes. With a focus on the eye, representing awareness, the Embodyssey symbol implies that our innate tendency toward dichotomous experience (due to our biology) results in a constant tangent, which we are always refining as a means to return to the circle. To Be the Tangent suggests embracing the process of awareness and its dualistic propositions, to be involved in the conversation of refinement while always seeking center. The tangent marks our path in time, constant benchmark posturing for genuine reflection by others who share the environment.