The path of Embodyssey is a submission to the Odyssey of life. This means that in a dichotomous world where at least in the physical plane choice motivates our actions, we choose to embrace adaptation. In practice we tend to remind ourselves that we get what we need, not always what we want. We train subtlety so that we are always only what is necessary. We are not better, nor lesser, rather as needed. This includes reflections for the equal needs of our fellow species, elements and environments, even when they project unequally. We are likened to conduits, filters for the projections of others, not for gain but for necessity.

To train such a path, one must submit the self to the natural order (or chaos) of all things. If the student is attracted to this verbiage, then they have already embraced the training. Refinement begins when the embodiment of this submission is detectable equally internally and externally, in direct application by way of mind/body/environment. Cycles of Nature are reflected in the practice and embraced through environmental connection.

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